the way that she walks
is like leaves on the breeze
my skin is hit with sunbeams when she looks at me
I can hear her smile when she talks
and we can talk about nothing
nothing at all just to hear her speak

her beauty is something that my eyes can't see
my eyes can see her prettiness,
but what affects the rest of me?
don't overthink it
someday I may know
but the probability goes to zero
as time approaches infinity

do you see me the way I see you?
can you hear me?
am I coming through?

how I'd like to see your details
and if only I could reach you
I would see you clearly now

I'm not too good with words
but she's like the lyrics to every song
about a girl I've ever heard
she makes my knees weak
so badly, I literally couldn't stand it
if I were to see her holding hands with another

it is strange that the stranger made me feel like this
a kind of sickness
that shit is visceral
she's so hip to her literal hips
the kind of bits undescribed in single syllables